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This is a story..... ruled by fate

The Players.... with the old cliche..... at the right place, at the right time.


6th May, 1999; FRIENDS OF MUSIC was one of those shows, "Drummers Jam', where the performers decided not to show up. Everyone, except Ashwini from Orange Street and Rajat from Parikrama. They decided the show had to go on and brought in the heavy artillery - Indraneel, the bassist from Orange Street along with Sharat, Sonam and Gyan from Parikrama.


Three days of intensive rehearsals - a combination of compositions - resulting in Ganga, Pahari Funk and Caravan - three songs that would give definition to what would become the sound of the band. The prerequisite of course, was a name - every band needs a name. Our local Archimedes, Neel, in a flash of inspiration in the shower (where else!) came up with 'Mrigaya'. Mr. Kakkar, who incidentally won the spelling bee contest in his childhood (held only at Darya Ganj in the early 70s) mispelt it as 'Mrigya' in one of the band profiles and the name stuck. He's a drummer! What did you expect?


The show turned out to be a huge success which got them thinking of carrying on even though every member was a full time member of some band or the other at that particular time.


18th Sept. 1999, IIT-DELHI, JAZZ NITE - A show - after which they realized a stronger rhythm section was needed. Enter Sachin - having played with the band Warlock in college, was reputed to be a keyboardist par excellence. It was an obvious choice. With that followed Sukriti, a classical singer who added such a different feel to 'Ganga' that it became impossible to think of the band without her. Sadly, Sonam had to leave due to commitments to Parikrama but has always been there to help them out. Karan has taken his role since and is holding his own.


One album old and numerous concerts across towns and cities in India to Europe, Africa, Australia and Russia, they've composed countless tunes while experimenting wildly with different genres and carrying on exploring the endless frontiers of their musicianship.


Mrigya has blossomed into a fascinating contemporary group venturing to stretch the boundaries of music becoming the harbinger of a unique fusion band offering a rich blend of blues, funk, folk, latino, Indian Classical, and jazz. The objective of Mrigya is to expand in all directions and to play music without boundaries. It perhaps best represents the coming together of various strains of music.


Stay tuned for the upcoming album and join us in this wild musical journey!


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